Aquarium Dreams has a wide selection of aquariums, whether its freestanding or custom aquarium and cabinetry work. Have you ever thought about that big open space in the family room, empty space by the breakfast table, or maybe the open space in the foyer of your home? Aquarium Dreams can build what you dream. We honor our slogan in "Making Your Aqua Dreams Come True". We have FREE aquarium consultation. Gives us a call, we want to be apart of your next residential or commercial project.

Consist of freshwater/saltwater scheduled maintenance. Maintenance is the #1 key to a healthy aquarium environment! To guarantee your getting the proper care for your fish, leave it to the professionals and call Aquarium Dreams to schedule your next aquarium cleaning and receive 20% off your initial monthly maintenance. Our maintenance consist of...

Freshwater Svc.                                                                    Saltwater Svc.
•50-75% water change                                                       10-25% water change
•Remove and clean all dirty decor (rocks,corals plants,etc.)                                                              
•Gravel Vac aquarium for harmful bacteria                   
and waste
•Remove algae from all sides of glass and
•Clean filtration 1x a month or as needed
•Clean inside and outside aquarium cabinetry
stand and canopy.
•Check to make sure all aquarium equipment
(pumps,filtration) are working properly.
•Water Test as needed
•Refill flake fish food 

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